2 Effective Ways to Edit iPhone Video on PC

2 Effective Ways to Edit iPhone Video on PC

When it comes to video editing, hardly anything can beat the quality that the iPhone delivers in terms of precision and perfection (at least as far as mobile devices go). If you are using an iPhone as your primary device for recording videos, you are likely to have a few recordings stored on the device. 

In comparison to image editing, video editing does not need much work, but you sometimes want to remove a part of a video or add some special effects. While editing videos on iPhone, you are left with restricted features. 

However, your options expand if you select your Windows computer for all the editing chores. Several built-in apps, as well as professional tools, are available that allow users to edit iPhone video on PC to make them more compelling. In this article, we will discuss the process of editing your iPhone videos on a Windows computer. 

Let’s start with the video import process.

Import Videos from iPhone to PC

For editing your videos, you will need to import them over to your computer. But how? Well, a number of ways are available to transfer data from an Apple to a non-Apple device, and the simplest is the iTunes app. 

Once you transfer the files from iPhone to computer, the next step involves converting them to a widely supported format. The videos that you record on your iPhone are stored in MOV format, which you need to convert into MP4. For a complete guide on MOV to MP4 conversion, check out https://setapp.com/

Using iTunes, you can share data via apps that support file sharing. In this case, connect your iPhone to your Windows computer using either a USB-C cable or a WiFi connection. You will need to turn on WiFi sync and make sure iTunes is installed. 

In the iTunes app on a Windows computer, click on the Device button displayed near the top left section of the iTunes window. Click the “File Sharing” option and select the video file transfer app that you are going to use for transferring data from iPhone to the computer. 

Next, select the video file that you wish to transfer from the list displayed on the right side of the screen, click on “Save to”, select the location where you want to save the video recordings on Windows PC, and click “Save To”.

Step 2: Edit iPhone Videos on PC

After transferring files, the next step is to edit iPhone video on PC. Whether you are looking to trim, resize, or add filters to videos on Windows computers, the built-in Photos app can help. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about downloading or compatibility aspects. Moving videos to the computer will also help clear iPhone storage

Now open the videos that you have transferred from the iPhone using iTunes in the previous step. On a Windows computer, open File Explorer and navigate to the location of the video files. Select any of the video files, right-click it, select “Open With”, and then click on Photos from the list of apps. 

The selected video will open in the Photos app. Click on the “Edit & Create” option available in the toolbar. A variety of video editing tools will appear. You can use these tools as per your video editing needs. If you wish to trim the video, drag the handles displayed on the playback bar to make a selection. 

You can save the edited copy by clicking the “Save a Copy” option. Select the location where you want to save the edited version of the video. It is recommended to save it in the same folder where RAW video files are stored but in a different sub-folder. If you wish to stop editing the video while it is in process, click on Cancel. 

Edit Using Adobe Premiere

Another potential app that you can use to edit iPhone videos on your Windows computer is Adobe Premiere. Plus, you can use this app if you are looking for more advanced and complex editing operations. With Adobe Premiere, you can do almost any kind of editing on the video clips. 

Although you get access to the free version of the app, you may also access the trial version of the full app for a limited period. Also, you may refer to the free Premiere Pro tutorials available for free in the form of articles and videos. Let’s have a quick look at the procedure to edit videos in Premiere Pro. 

To edit videos using Adobe Premiere, download and launch the app on your PC. Click on the “File” menu and select “Import”. Select the video file that you want to import into the app. Once all the videos are imported, you can use different video editing tools to edit them as required. Using the app, you can change the background, add custom text, or add visual effects to the raw video files.

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