Target Return Policy

The Ultimate Guide to Target Return Policy

The retailer’s return procedures are generally accommodating and flexible when you need to return an item to Target. Whether you’re trying to return the item more than 90 days after purchase, whether you have a receipt, and whether the item is open or damaged all affect the terms for returns, exchanges, and store credits. Target RedCard holders can also take advantage of special return perks.

What Is the Target Return Policy?

Most unopened products can be returned to Target within 90 days of purchase, according to rules. Depending on the type of product and whether the client can offer a receipt or other form of evidence of purchase, items may be returned for a refund or exchange.

Here are some fundamentals of Target’s return guidelines:

Up to a year after the client makes the purchase, Target Owned Brand merchandise may be returned or exchanged with a receipt.

Items purchased with a Target RedCard credit or debit card are eligible for returns or exchanges for 120 days after the date of purchase.

Items purchased through Target’s website can be returned or exchanged either in-person or online.

What products are not returnable at Target?

Target Return Policy
Can You Return Items To Target Without A Receipt

The following Target products cannot be exchanged or returned:

Digital downloads and customised goods

packages with closed or unopened breast pumps (Target advises customers to contact the pump manufacturer for faulty items.)

Any collectable object that is broken or incomplete, including action figures, sports cards, diecast automobiles, and limited edition dolls

Target gift cards are among the pre-paid and specialised gift cards.

Items that have been transported abroad

Target has the right to deny a refund or exchange for goods that exhibit wear and tear or that seem to have been harmed by the user.

How Does Target Feel About Returns Without a Receipt?

There could be alternative ways to prove your purchase if you want to return something to Target without a receipt. Receipts and return barcodes may be accessible on the Target app if you used it to make an online or in-store purchase. The customer’s online account allows access to online purchase records and return barcodes.

Payment receipts may also be accessed by Target RedCard holders through their accounts or the Target app.

Customer service representatives can try to trace your purchase if you bring an item to the store without a receipt or other evidence of purchase if it was paid for using a check, a Target gift card, a Target RedCard, or another credit card (if you bring a blank check from the same account).

For things that may be returned, the shop will provide a merchandise return card in the absence of a receipt or other proof of purchase. This may be used as a gift card to make in-store purchases.

What Is Target’s Return Policy for Electronics?

The return and exchange periods for electronics at Target are shorter than those for other items, and they are as follows:

30 days for non-Apple devices in the electronics and entertainment category, such as laptops and tablets

For other Apple devices excluding phones, the return period is 15 days.

14 days for mobile devices, including those made by Apple

A $35 restocking fee will be applied to returns or exchanges of mobile phones in the majority of states in the U.S. If you bought a phone with a cellular carrier contract and then returned it, the company can impose an additional early termination fee.

Unless otherwise stated, you have 30 days to return the console and cancel the All Access subscription if you bought an Xbox console/bundle with the service. A third-party credit provider will provide you a refund for the service, if necessary.

Can I Return an Opened Item to the Target?

The majority of open products, including cosmetics and apparel without tags, can be returned for a refund or exchange in accordance with the company’s usual 90-day return policy (120 days for RedCard purchases). Breast pumps and collectibles like limited-edition dolls, action figures, and diecast cars are examples of open products that cannot be exchanged or returned. Open-package video games, music, movies, and software can be exchanged for similar goods—that is, the identical game, movie, or piece of music—but there are no refunds available. Additionally, airbeds are only eligible for exchange.

Why did Target advise me to hold onto my return?

Target occasionally may give a consumer a refund for an item while allowing them to retain the product. The majority of the time, this is true when buying inexpensive products online. Due to the high frequency of online purchases and returns, processing a return and restocking an item is frequently more expensive for Target and other online retailers than issuing a refund and letting consumers retain the item. With TVs, gadgets, or other expensive products, though, don’t anticipate this to occur.

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