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JoinPD.com – Peardeck Login Full Guide Details 2022

Using your Joinpd.com Code, JoinPD enables you to attend a presentation that is already underway. JoinPD, which enables online learning for both teachers and students, is powered by Pear Deck. By logging into his or her JoinPD account, the instructor should build a presentation, after which he or she should distribute the JoinPD code to each student or person so they can join at their various places.

It’s that easy. Students also need to create a JoinPD.com login account in order to participate in the presentation that is now taking place. You may use this tutorial to reset your Joinpd.com/login password or create a new one.

This article will explain how to log in as a student or instructor to joinpd.com using your username and password. Additionally, it describes how to go joinpd.com/join to view the current presentation. To sign up for a peer-to-peer session, join by using the code available on the Joinpd.Com page Peardeck Account; however, you’ll need a Peardeck Join code. How do I join a Pear Session and obtain the Join code?

What is joinpd Peardeck?

Using Your Joinpd.com code, JoinPD is a tool that enables you to join to a presentation that is currently taking place. Pear Deck, which JoinPD uses, enables both professors and students to complete online courses.

The instructor must log into their JoinPD account and then present. Then, they must email everyone in the student body or anybody wishing to register at their particular locations with the peardeck code.

  • In the United States
  • Student Help Category Portal
  • The website joinpd.com

The dynamic presenting tool Pear Deck is used to motivate students to participate in their social and individual learning. Teachers use the presentation tools available on their Google Drive accounts to produce presentations. Pear Deck’s goal is to help children have a good outlook on life by fostering a feeling of community.

Register for a Pear Deck Account ( join pd.com )

Making an account on Pear Deck is straightforward, and I’ve demonstrated you how to sign up and utilise the service as a new user in this post. Create a brand-new Pear Deck account as the first step in involving your pupils in interactive displays.

Visit the Pear Deck website, Google Slides, or PowerPoint Online to get started. Use your preferred Google or Microsoft Office 365 account to sign in to Pear Deck’s website, Google Slides for presentations, or PowerPoint Online.

  • Visit peardeck.com and select the “Teacher Login” option to register.
  • The type of account you want to login into can be chosen.
  • You will be prompted to authorise the Pear Deck account on your Google or OneDrive account. After that, you will be prompted with a few account settings questions. We do not assemble data from student selectors.
  • Authorize by clicking Connect. Pear Deck and your Google Drive or OneDrive online storage. Your email and password will be required to log in. Additionally, you’ll be asked to provide Pear Deck permissions.
  • add the school and your postcode. It’s acceptable if you don’t have a US postcode or if your institution isn’t included in the drop-down option. Instead of entering the address or postcode of your school, use any five-digit number.
  • Launch the most recent version of PowerPoint online presentation (if you have a Microsoft Office 365 account) or Google Slides (if you used the Google account) and download Pear Deck. Add-on or add-on for Pear Deck. To find out what to do, just follow the directions below!

Peardeck Join

Describe the pear deck. A presentation may be made on Google Drive using JoinPD and shared on the JoinPD platform.

How does JoinPD work and what is it?

A presentation can be made by a teacher and imported into JoinPD. In order to address queries from the attendees, the teacher will provide each delegate with an access code.

On the other side, the instructor has the power to restrict and manage each student’s activity.

The most unique feature of JoinPD, the ability to prevent students from modifying or amending submitted answers, is adored by teachers. They are able to monitor everyone’s advancement thanks to this.


There are two choices available when creating a JoinPD Account. The instructor account or the student account are the two ways to establish a JoinPD account. Presentations can be made by teachers, who can then produce representative codes and distribute them to interested pupils. They can log in to follow students’ progress and see what they do with their responses. The ability to prevent students from modifying the presentation is part of this.

Where do I enter a presentation? (joinpd.con)

If a teacher creates the presentation and uploads it to JoinPD, the delegate will receive an access code that the instructor provides to every member of the group to aid in answering questions.

However, the instructor has the power to control and restrict the actions of the students.

The ability to prevent students from deleting or changing the answers they have provided is the most well-known feature of JoinPD that teachers value since it allows them to keep tabs on the progress of every participant.

Where can I get the Peardeck sign-up code? Code for joinpd.com

Follow these instructions to join a session that is already in progress using the peardeck/join. To achieve this, you will need Your password and password.

Launch your browser, then go to: Visit www.joinpd.com/join.

From your JoinPD.com session, enter the presentation number “5 Digit Code” for Joinpd.

The code is only valid for four days. After your students click the presentation link, you may also create an email address for them to use to attend the presentation.

Peardeck Class Login JoinPD.com Promo Code

By clicking the pertinent link below, you may read more information about the pear Deck Join Code. There is a simple process to sign into Joinpd.Com and obtain a Join Code.

It’s easy to link Google Slides using the JoinPD extension for Google Account.

Please follow the instructions for downloading and setting up the JoinPD Google Slides add-ons.

How to sign up for Peardeck as a student or teacher:

Visit JoinPD’s official website. You may do this by visiting app.peardeck.com/join.

The login page will then show up in front of you. You will have to enter your login and password there.

Log in with your email address or password, then press the Submit button. Your account’s dashboard will display the login screen.

Get Involved with Your Peardeck Take part in the class at joinpd.com

The projector’s view opens and join instructions are immediately projected if you select an instructor-led course.

Visit joinpd.com first to complete the process.

Enter the five-character Pear Deck Code during your joinpd.com session.

You may also share or email the session URL you receive after selecting Give Students the Link (see the first step above). Students just need to click it to register for your class. You may click as well.

The URL to the session is always available; however, the membership codes expire after one week. Let’s say you want to let students participate in sessions that go beyond a week. To join them, click on this link.

Use your selected avatar or your Google or Microsoft Office 365 account email and password to log in anonymously. The login settings determine it.

The Dashboard view is accessible if you choose a student-paced activity and have access to the premium edition.

Learn how to join at any moment by clicking the join icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Speed student activities, dashboard join code in a red arrow.

How should a pear deck be delivered? (joinpd.com)

When rendering using Pear Deck, connecting instructions are immediately visible on the projector’s view. Participants must carry out the following tasks in order to join the project:

Go to joinpd.com.

Use your Office 365 account to log in.

Put in the special five-letter code that is displayed on the projector.

Sign up for JoinPD Login

We demonstrate how to create your JoinPD login for you below.

Visit “Joinpd.com” peardeck.com to access the JoinPD website.

Located at the top of the website menu, select “Teacher Login.”

Choose the option you want to use to log in. You have a choice between using Google or Microsoft to log in.

Give “PearDeck” or “JoinPD” permission to access your “Google Drive” account. JoinPD will elicit some information. Try your best to respond to them. PearDeck guaranteed not to save your info. To pique your interest, read their data policy here.

Your JoinPD account has now been set up completely. Choose “Teacher” or “Student” when creating a “Account” to establish a teacher account.

As a teacher, click “Authorize” to link your JoinPD and PearDeck accounts. Use your Google account to log in.

From the drop-down menu and postal code, select your school. Whether your school isn’t listed in the United States, you can input its name or the area’s five-digit postal code to see if it is.

Click “Get Started” to begin your presentation. You will receive PearDeck Premium for 30 days as a result. All Peardeck tools and features are also available to you without any restrictions.

Use a Google account to log in to Microsoft.

Access Joinpd.com

You may now use this page to access the Joinpd Com Login. You must enter the proper username and password once you arrive at the login screen.

Take part in a Presentation That Is Currently Running – Pear Deck


key in a join code… No sessions were found for “code.” currentUser.displayName, currentUser.emailAddress, and memorable

Would you want to participate in a Pear Deck session? Pear Deck


Please click the icon below to begin. Do not worry. Join a Peardeck session now! PROVIDE EVERY STUDENT with POWERFUL LEARNING MOMENTS



We are happy to see you once more! Log on to JOIN. Fill up your information. that email. Password. SHOW. Password forgotten? Login. Still no employer account? Register.

Joinpd Com – Logins – DB Login


The JoinPD extension will now be requested from you in order to construct your slide.

Join a Pear Deck Presentation That Is Already Running. or input a join code…> https://app.peardeck.com/join No sessions were found for “Enter a code to join…”

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