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Are you a fan of anime? If so, you’ll like the brand-new AniMixPlay app. It enables you to view your preferred anime series anywhere and whenever you want. It is also really simple to use.

Install the app, then start viewing! The greatest app for watching anime on a phone or tablet is AniMixPlay. So why are you still waiting? Start right now.

You may watch your favourite anime episodes wherever and whenever with AniMixPlay. You may watch anime shows whenever and anywhere you want.

Since all of the shows are streamed over cloud services, you have immediate access to an endless amount of information. In essence, it’s similar to setting up your own anime streaming business!

The fact that this software offers you so many personalization possibilities is what sets it apart. For instance, a wide variety of designs enable you alter the application’s overall appearance and feel; anything from the colours to the typefaces may be modified.

Additionally, there is a built-in movie player that supports subtitles if you require them. Additionally, sharing films with others has never been simpler thanks to Chromecast support.

The fact that the software is completely free to download and use is its biggest feature, though. Fans of anime may now finally enjoy a quality anime streaming software!

On Google Play, AniMixPlay is freely downloadable. Just click here or perform a search for “AniMixPlay.” So give it a shot right now!

About AniMixPlay

AniMixPlay is an Android video and multimedia app. Enjoy your favourite anime series wherever you are right now by downloading for free. It is necessary to have device-based permissions to ensure the app’s security (check below).

Check Out External Storage

enables AniMixPlay to read data from the external storage of your device. Put away other apps: allows AnimixPlay to shut off other programmes while sharing over Chromecast. Network State and Internet access are required for cloud services like Openload and YouTube.

Location (GPS)

For example, if you are viewing an anime series based in Japan, the font and theme will be in Japanese, however the same anime web series set someplace else will have a different font type and theme combination, such as China, Thailand, etc.)

How does AniMixPlay work?

Thousands of anime series are available for high-definition (HD) video viewing on AniMixPlay.

You won’t have to worry about choppy or low-quality films because the HD video is streamed over cloud services like YouTube and Openload; all of your favourite anime shows will stream uninterrupted.

Additionally, there is no cap on the number of episodes you can watch, and the entire anime series is organised like a playlist with an episode list so you can know where you are in the series.

With AniMixPlay, you may personalise your experience thanks to its distinctive features: Change your theme, watch movies in various resolutions, get subtitles if you need them (with auto-sync), and share what’s on your screen with friends and family via Chromecast.

With no need for download or installation, all of your favourite anime series will be easily accessible whenever and wherever you are in this method.

AniMixPlay is the ideal illustration of how the internet continues to give people power and open up new opportunities for them.

Don’t we all like watching anime? Because AniMixPlay enables you to view your favourite anime series wherever you are, all the time you previously spent watching anime may now be put to better use!

Download AniMixPlay right away and start enjoying endless HD anime.

Available Anime Actors on the App

Takahiro Sakurai, Mamoru Miyano, Jun Fukuyama, Kana Hanazawa, Kenji Akabane, and Hiro Shimono.

Some Of The App’s Features

Watch anime with English dubbing or subtitles. – Watching your favourite shows offline; Your favourite episodes will be played back synchronously on Wii U and Xbox One (aka Play Anywhere).

Manga available on the App

Attack on Titan, Bleach, Claymore, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Naruto, No Game No Life (No game No Life), and One Punch Man are among the manga titles accessible on the app.

That’s all I can recall at the time, so that’s it. Please leave a comment below if you are aware of any other applications that should be included to the list or if we already have them and we’ll update the list above accordingly.

Can I download AnimixTV so that I can later watch anime offline?

You certainly can! You can stream all of your favourite episodes and anime in high definition and watch them again even when there isn’t an internet connection because the app lets users save the series they’ve viewed for subsequent viewing.

If you’re ever stranded anywhere without an internet connection, such as when travelling or even simply in your room, this makes viewing anime that much more enjoyable. Just make sure the file size is under 300MB; if not, you might want to think about dividing your film into many parts.

To prevent problems with the video itself, make sure you only save the FULL-quality version of the movie.

How to download AnimixTV for free?


1. Click the button below to access the AnimixTV download page.

2. You should see an option that says “AnimixTV APK” when you click on the operating system for your device (such as Android or iOS).

  • Feel free to install the app for nothing at all as it is totally free! Simply create an account with Gmail or Facebook to log in.
  • There is NO registration, login, or even password needed for this software.
  • On this new programme, there are hundreds of anime series available.
  • In order to view this video anytime you’re bored, be sure to keep it downloaded on your smartphone or tablet.

3. Make sure you have at least 10MB of space available before installing the programme since you’ll be sent to a page that shows how much space is needed for the installation procedure.

4. Open the programme when it has been installed to start watching anime in high definition!

5. After finding the anime series or movies you wish to watch, click on each one individually to begin streaming.

Keep checking back as new episodes of ongoing anime series will be added automatically. You’re welcome to comment below if you run across any issues or bugs with the app itself as well.

Anime Series available on the App

Ajin – Demi-Human, Akiba’s Trip The Animation, Aldnoah Zero, Angel Beats!, Assassination Classroom Season 1, Attack On Titan Season 1 & 2, Btooom!, Boku No Hero Academia (My Héros Academia), Charlotte, Chivalry Of A Failed Knight (Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry), Claymore, Dances With The Dragons (Saredo Tsumibito Wa Ryuu To Odoru), Death Parade (Death Billiards), Devil Survivor 2 The Animation, Drifters, Fairy Tail Series (2014), Fate Series (Unlimited Blade Works), Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works,

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Season 1 & 2 + Specials, Gamers!, Gantz:O, God Eater Series (God Eater / Rage Burst), Guilty Crown, Hacka Doll The Animation, Hellsing Ultimate OVA Series 2009 Version English Subtitled 1080p HD, High School Of The Dead Episode 1-12 Completed [English Dubbed], Inuyashiki Episode 1 [English Subbed], Overlord Season 1 + Episode 0 [English Dubbed.WEB-DL].

InuYasha Episode 1 – 56 [English Subbed], Karneval, Kill La Kill Series + Specials [English Dubbed], Knights Of Sidonia Battle For Planet Nine, Koutetsujou No Kabaneri 1 & 2 [English Subbed], Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Final Plus: The Chosen Future 2012 720p UNCENSORED, Myriad Colors Phantom World + Specials [Uncen Y at 720P] One Punch Man Episode 1-9 [English Subbed].

Is AnimixPlay illegal?

Not! On its servers, AniMixPlay does not host any anime material. Cloud services like YouTube and Openload deliver all of the videos. This proves that using the software is lawful (no download required).

Requirements for device-based permissions: Allows AniMixPlay to save information in the external storage of your device. URL of the company’s website: enables AniMixPlay to open any link in the web browser on your device.

Is AnimixPlay free of ads?

Yes, this software does not include any intrusive pop-up or full-screen advertisements.

There are commercials on the side, but they’re hardly obvious unless you’re viewing it on full screen and they only sporadically show, so it’s really nothing to worry about!


AniMixPlay is the perfect option for every anime lover to watch their favourite programme since there are no restrictions on where or when you may watch your favourite anime series.

Additionally, it’s quite simple to use—just download it and start watching! Start right away by installing the app on your smartphone or tablet. This is the ideal option if you love anime but don’t have time in your schedule for a regular TV marathon.

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