Top 10 Ways to Share Your Location With Friends and Family

Top 10 Ways to Share Your Location With Friends and Family

With location-sharing applications, staying in touch with loved ones has never been easier. But, in terms of safety, accuracy, and other factors, which one is the best? Let’s have a look.

Based on our perspective, here is a list of the best ways/apps to share your whereabouts with your friends and family.


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Goezilla is another useful software for sharing your whereabouts with friends and family. This software appeals to me since it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This software uses Geofencing technology to keep track of when your friends or family members enter or exit a certain region. You’ll also get told right away if there’s an automobile accident. You may even look back in time to see what your family members did on a daily basis.

Set up your Goezilla app with a tracking gadget that you keep on your pets or valuable belongings like your wallet and vehicle keys. You can simply locate them if they are in danger or become separated.

Life360: Find Family & Friends:

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Life360: Find Family & Friends is at the top of the list since it offers a comprehensive solution if you’re looking for dependable help. What makes Life360 distinct is that, in addition to providing effective location-sharing, it also offers a slew of other benefits.

It has a 24-hour emergency dispatch, for example. Every day, its sophisticated Crash Detection system identifies about 100 crashes.

You may send a quiet alarm to your family, and if you’re in danger, Life360 offers Family Safety Assist, which delivers real-time expert assistance. This software protects your family’s digital data with Identity Theft Protection. You may also look at crime reports to avoid potentially harmful circumstances.

Google Maps:

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Google Maps is a free, user-friendly programme that provides accurate real-time information. It was the most downloaded navigation app in 2020 alone. It’s simple to let your loved ones know where you are.

Choose an individual by tapping on your profile picture, then selecting Location Sharing. Even if they don’t have a Google account, you may share your location with them.

One hour is the default period of location sharing. You can, however, keep it going until you decide to quit. You may also ask to see where a buddy is. However, this is only feasible if they’ve already shared it. You can either refuse or block anonymous location queries if you receive them.


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Glympse is a multi-award-winning software that can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. Glympse comes in third on our list, with a lot of favourable feedback. Mashable called it one of the “15 Best Mobile Apps of 2011.” You can safely share your location with Glympse without having to join up.

You may simply schedule a get-together with your pals, send a client a courtesy letter, and more. Because it works on iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, and even iMessage, this software is extremely adaptable.

iPhone Find My Friends:

This free iOS software is useful and simple to use. AirDrop, Contacts, email, or a phone number may all be used to communicate your whereabouts. Share and hide your location with ease. You’ll receive accurate location-based alerts when a loved one enters or departs a certain region.

Working out at the gym is keeping you busy? Your Apple Watch and iPad may still get location notifications. Find My Friends will help you find your family members’ valuables if they go missing. If you misplace your iPhone, any member of your family may use this app to locate it.

Family GPS Locator:

The Family GPS Locator app is a free programme that offers a variety of features. What’s really striking about this free software is that it claims to use less battery. The app has a Panic button that sends alerts in the event of an emergency.

Create safe and dangerous zones, and be warned when family members enter one of them. Chat and exchange photos with your loved ones in a secure manner. You may even establish many groups to communicate with. Invisible mode is also available if you wish to conceal your whereabouts.



The location-sharing feature in Messenger is free and simple to use. You have the option of sharing your location for as long as you choose. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to share your location with a single individual or a group.

In the lower right corner, there’s even a clock symbol that shows how long you’ve been broadcasting your whereabouts. Overall, it’s a straightforward software with few standout features.


You may utilise WhatsApp’s location-sharing capabilities right now if you already use it. Friends and relatives can get real-time location updates from you. Determine the length of time you wish to broadcast your location.

You have the option of sharing your current location only once or sharing a live location that extends the period of location sharing. Apart than these, WhatsApp does not have any additional location-related capabilities.

My GPS Location:

My GPS Location is a simple, generic programme that differs somewhat from other free solutions. It appears to be a solid choice for frequent travellers, making it ideal for hikers and trekkers. This is due to the fact that it contains all latitudinal, longitudinal, and altitude data.

Even if you don’t have data, you can send an SMS to your family with your GPS location if you’re in an emergency. You may save, update, or remove your favourite places, such as a cafe or a parking spot, under the Places area.



Viber is a fantastic alternative if you’re stringent about location sharing and don’t want to download any more applications. It’s also appropriate if you just exchange destinations on rare occasions.

When you choose, you may opt to share your location with only a few individuals. You don’t have to be concerned about your current location being broadcast all the time.

Our parting advice is to pick a location-sharing service that meets your needs. While it’s a useful tool, it’s important to be selective about who you share your whereabouts with. For the same reason, we don’t advocate disclosing your location on social media. To avoid stalkers or danger, it’s important to secure data security.

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