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Hitman Holla Video went viral on the web

The internet is a weird place, as we have frequently stated. Today, we’re counting down to the improbable moment when a video of Hitman Holla having sex with his lover Cinnamon became viral online.

The video was first posted on Instagram, but when Hitman Holla’s supporters and detractors saw it, it spread to other sites like TikTok and Twitter.

For starters, Hitman Holla is a well-known battle rapper who has participated in the SMACK URL Rap Circuit for more than ten seasons. In addition to this, the fact that he used to be an athlete shows in his work past how influential sports are in his life.

Hitman Holla intends to base his career in the comic book industry in the upcoming years. According to rumours, he will shortly make an appearance in Wild N’ Out on MTV and VH1.

How did Hitman Holla come to be the internet’s favourite target while having such a tough reputation and a diverse skill set? Do you want to know, too? If so, continue reading this article all the way through. Let’s get going:

Who is Hitman Holla? 

Gerald Fulton Jr., better known by his stage moniker “Hitman Holla,” is his real name. He was born on March 29, 1988, in the tiny American city of St. Louis, which is located in Missouri. These days, he and his girlfriend, Cinnamon, share a home in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to inside information, Gerald Fulton Jr., aka Hitman Holla, graduated from the nearby University of St. Louis after completing high school. He then spent another four years in Los Angeles, joining and enrolling at California State University, Northridge.

His family history points to a wealthy, established background. Sue Fulton and Gerald Fulton Sr., his parents, are still married. Additionally, he also has a brother named Show out, who has previously made appearances in his rap battle videos.

He is 34 years old at the moment and is eager to lay the groundwork for an acting career. Hitman Holla is incredibly gifted, as was already established. On Instagram, he has millions of followers. He has also played sports in the past, and he openly displays his love of acting.

What is the Hitman Holla Video? 

To begin with, it is undeniable that Hitman Holla has been involved in several issues over the course of many years. You’ll be surprised to learn that Hitman Holla was charged with murder (or being a party to a murder case) not once, but twice.

Hitman Holla’s video might be anything from his leaked footage of him and his girlfriend to his stage attack film. However, given the importance of the situation, we believe you are interested in learning about the top video.

Hitman Holla Video was one of the most popular videos on YouTube and other platforms in December 2021. Hitman Holla and his lover Cinnamon had previously been the subject of an attack.

According to the inside information, burglars broke into Holla’s estate in October 2021 (two months before the Hitman Holla film was posted), causing a significant injury. Cinnamon was shot in the face during a combative encounter with attackers. Fortunately, she is still alive and healing.

Hitman Holla Video Leaked with Cinnamon, YouTuber

Most of the time, early on, many fans believed that the film was about Cinnamon’s gunshot wound. But as it turned out, a private video of Hitman Holla and his girlfriend Cinnamon having a private moment had been released.

Fans, however, found it hard to believe that Hitman Holla posted five videos of his own narrative on his Instagram account. Due to nudity and offensive material, Instagram officials have previously banned the handle @hitmanholla.

This 41-second video is really illuminating. None of the videos contain the face of Hitman (except one). Cinnamon, a YouTuber, may be seen in all of the videos. To BJ she is providing. Cinnamon’s booty may be seen in a different video.

However, as soon as the couple became aware that their video had become popular online, they promptly deleted it from Instagram and YouTube. Thousands of people had already viewed and taped the video at that point.

Where is Hitman Holla now? 

According to intimate information, Hitman Holla relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, three years ago from Los Angeles. He resides there with Cinnamon, his girlfriend who is a YouTuber. Hitman Holla & Cinnamon is their YouTube channel. There are presently six videos and 185K subscribers.

The YouTube channel doesn’t appear to be operating right now. In 2021, Cinnamon and Hitman posted their final video. Cinnamon had suffered severe injuries after being shot in the face by intruders in October of 2021. She is still in the hospital getting well.

How did Hitman Holla get famous? 

Hitman Holla, real name Gerald Fulton Jr., was an athlete before he rose to fame as a combat rapper. He was a big-time and very talented professional basketball player, according to the inside information.

Hitman Holla chose to continue his basketball career after graduating from college in California. Rapping culture was, nevertheless, expanding at the time in the music business. And so he turned around!

He joined the SMACK URL Rap Circuit as his first move in the music business. A battle rap competition is being held there. You can watch Hitman Holla rap and freestyle in a variety of videos.

Season 6 marked his debut appearance in Smack URL. In the Ultimate Rap League, Hitman Holla has been recurring for 10 years, from Season 6 to Season 16.

The reader will be surprised to learn that his brother, ShowwOutt, also works in the music business. He is imitating Hitman Holla’s methods. Shows that have been on for a while are promoted using SMACK URLs.

Why was Hitman Holla imprisoned?

Hitman Holla served time in prison in March 2020 for breaking traffic laws. The background of the Hitman Holla video, however, is far more complex.

Secret information reveals that at the time of the arrest, Hitman Holla was the subject of an active warrant for his arrest. It was discovered via a police report and inquiry that he did not own the vehicle the rapper was driving. The police believed he had stolen it.

Instead, Hitman Holla’s legal team argued that the culture of racial stereotyping in America is to blame for the serious allegations against him.

Additionally, the case’s inner details showed that the police had stopped his automobile and asked him to out for no apparent reason.

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