Best Laptop for Law School

What Is the Best Laptop for Law School? 3 Considerations

The law textbooks contain cases from all around the world with no proper outlines, summaries, or detailed explanations. That’s a reason why most students are looking for the best laptop for law school to keep up their workload.

Taking class notes, doing thorough research, and preparing various writing papers to become quick and painless with laptops. But, the challenge is in which laptop you should invest in to stay prepared for your law education.

Consider Your Purpose for Buying a Laptop

Before you rush to buy the best laptop for law school, find out for what purpose you need a laptop. Don’t be in a hurry to purchase a heavy computing laptop. The basic functions of a law school laptop are some sort of word processor and an internet connection.

You may also need to create and open PDF files and save tons of text documents. For this, a lightning-speed computer is not vital. But, you need a laptop with enough screen size and better resolution for long-term use, watching online lectures, or writing papers.

Key Law School Laptop Specs

Now, before you head out and buy the laptop, you must give the utmost importance to certain crucial technological aspects. Since Law students need to attend full-day sessions and work on complex assignments, having a good battery life is crucial.

A laptop not charging would create problems in studying while you’re on the move. Consider a laptop with at least 6 hours of battery life. Let’s look at other primary requisites your law school laptop must have.

Performance and Storage

Law school students need to perform several tasks. Hence, you need a laptop with better speed and multi-tasking ability. Consider a computer with an Intel Core i5 or i7 or AMD Ryzen 5 or 7.

To quickly perform several demanding tasks, you’ll need a laptop with better RAM and storage. Make sure what you’re choosing has at least 8GB of RAM, 250 HDD, and 256GB of storage. You can also go with 16GB of RAM and 512GB or even a 1TB drive.

Screen & Display

Another crucial aspect to consider to work effortlessly on your laptop is display size and resolution. Invest in at least 13-inches of a computer to spend a lot of time comfortably looking at the screen.

A better resolution offers more screen real estate. It allows you to see more details on the screen at a glance. A 1080p resolution is a must. However, you can also go for 1440 pixels or a UHD display.

Ports & Connectivity

You may need to connect your laptop with several peripherals such as scanners, printers, or external hard drives. So, be sure the selected laptop features multiple ports, especially some USB ports.

Consider a system having one USB-C port, a microSD card reader, USB-A ports, and an HDMI port. To attend the online tutorials or classes, you may also need to connect to the internet. So, ensure that the laptop has an integrated Wi-Fi option and Bluetooth feature.

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Best Laptop Options for Law Students

Dell Inspiron 3501

The Dell Inspiron 3501 has a very powerful processor – i5-1135G7. In this laptop, you will get 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, 2666MHz, and 4Gx1 storage. It will bring you Intel Iris Xe Graphics and an expansive viewing experience with two-sided narrow borders.

On top of everything, Dell Inspiron 3501 allows you to stay connected and focused on your tasks. You can send texts, make calls, and receive notifications to interact with your mobile phone straight from your Dell laptop.

Apple MacBook Pro

Best Laptop for Law School

2021-2022 Apple MacBook Pro is another recommended laptop for law school. With this laptop, you will get the longest battery life ever – 20 hours for extended use. The 8-core GPU facilitates up to 5 times faster graphics.

Superfast SSD storage and 8GB of RAM allow downloading and saving multiple PDF files and other data in an instant. A 13.3-inch retina display (33.78cm) with 500 nits of brightness provides the best viewing experience.

HP Spectre x360

This is a high-end convertible laptop with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU and Intel Core i7-9750H chipset. The Hexa-core processor can turbo boost up to 4.5GHz to work on large datasheets and spreadsheets.

The touchscreen display features WLED-backlit technology and is protected by high-quality Corning Gorilla Glass paneling. Other innovative features include a studio-grade microphone, responsive fingerprint scanner, and HP TrueVision HD webcam.


To help you easily understand the demanding law school studies and reduce your workload, you need a great laptop. Choosing the right laptop can be a difficult decision because every leading brand presents a wide series of laptops.

The above-listed laptops are researched and analyzed for every essential technical aspect. Try to use the touchscreen display. Don’t forget to consider the portability to easily carry a laptop to and from class. If you can afford it, get the right accessories for versatility.

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