Top 20 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

Top 20 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

An entrepreneur desires to Small Business Ideas with Low Investment company concept that can generate a lot of money. He or she looks for every feasible way to make the firm function smoothly and generate more income, with the final objective of profitability in mind. This article discusses Low-Investment, High-Profit Business Ideas.

Small Business Ideas with Low Investment:

An entrepreneur is looking for funding to help him realise his vision. A great business for any businessman is one who doesn’t necessitate a large sum of money. There are several small business ideas that do not require a large sum of money.

These tips, if executed correctly, can assist the organisation in growing and profiting. A low-cost business notion is a very enticing possibility. Most people, on the other hand, have no idea what these terms mean or how they could apply to their life.

1. Technical Freelancer:

Technical freelancing is an option if you have logical thinking, analytical skills, and computer language expertise. Promote your website development skills on platforms like Fiverr and Freelancer, for example, if you learn how to develop and improve websites.

What type of investment do you think you’ll require? Paying for online classes and certificates to boost your credibility and competence is one option. You may get started with technical freelancing with no investment thanks to a variety of information available for free on the internet.

2. Stock Trading:

Top 20 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

Stock trading is a fantastic way to make a lot of money. You may begin Stock Trading with a small sum of money and make it work for you. However, before you begin Stock Trading, learn as much as you can about the stock market.

This is a high-risk, high-stakes industry that demands knowledge, judgement, and chance. There are millions of happy and sad stories to be found on the internet. Only engage in trading if you are willing to take the risk of falling flat on your face. To make a decent living, you’ll also need certain abilities.

3. Domain Trading:

Did you realise that and other web domains may be rather profitable? However, before to stepping into the shoes of a domain trader, knowledge and an initial investment are necessary. The work entails discovering promising domains, waiting for the proper time.

Then selling them to interested clients, which are generally businesses and organisations. You must be innovative as well as conduct extensive study in order to succeed. You must first look for brands that you believe will become successful in one or two years, and then get a domain name that includes the brand’s name.

That way, when the brand becomes well-known, they will have to purchase the domain name from you at a price you set, and you will profit. Domain names may be purchased through GoDaddy, Namecheap, or any other website. It is one of India’s most profitable low-investment enterprises.

4. Wedding/Event Planner:

Top 20 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

Weddings are always in style. Whether the economy is growing or crashing, there’s often a market for weddings. To make matters worse, weddings range from “huge fat Indian weddings” to very intimate affairs. It is expected to expand at a rate of 20% each year. This creates a great opportunity for wedding planners who can guarantee that wedding concepts, planners, decorators, and catering are in place.

That the whole wedding ceremony is meticulously planned and organised. It involves an initial financial commitment in staff, logistics, and preparations, which may be funded through a range of small company loan options. While the initial investment is little, the potential rewards as the company expands are significant.

5. Fitness Center or Gym:

We live in a society where we frequently neglect to take care of our bodies, resulting in deteriorating health. We prefer to go to gyms or fitness facilities to avoid such situations. Starting a gym with the very minimum of essential equipment in a decent location will almost certainly be a lucrative business venture.

6. Blogging:

Blogging is one of the businesses that might make us a lot of money. Our only investment is in the capacity to write a blog, an Internet connection, and a laptop or computer. It’s pretty easy, yet it can bring in a lot of money. If the blog you write is the most popular on Google, Google may pay the blogger. This is a fantastic idea that is simple to implement. Furthermore, many people write and earn a lot of money without having to invest anything.

7. Grocery:

Grocery is the most necessary business for the sale of various items that humans require on a daily basis. As foodstuff is a daily fundamental necessity for all people, this is a successful and no-loss enterprise. You only need a few thousand dollars to purchase merchandise from a vendor and resell it on the market. Every product on the market is available for purchase. You can start with a food store in a mall and grow as needed.

8. Mobile / Computer Repairing:

In today’s world, mobile / computer repair is an unavoidable component. It is no longer a luxury but a need. It’s a one-time investment to learn how to repair gadgets like laptops and PCs. Take the requisite education/diploma and get your hands dirty. Every vendor who sells cellphones and computers has a little repair area in the corner of his store. No, you do not have to go sit there, but doing so from the comfort of your own home is a viable option for making money.

9. Dance Classes:

If you have a lot of talent for dancing, you may consider opening a dance academy, which is a great business idea with a small investment. For their children, many parents hunt for a decent dancing class. Music and dance lessons, which are related to the previous industry, are quite popular. There are many of options in this genre to pick from. For dancing instruction, all you need is a room. As time goes on, these types of businesses acquire traction. As a result, patience is crucial.

10. Consultancy:

The consultancy company employs agents that assist clients in completing tasks. A consulting reduces people’s burden while requiring little investment and yielding increased earnings. The wide range of topics, from legal to financial to technological, makes it ideal to generalise this broad category for this type of business. The profitability you’ll enjoy is determined on your experience and achievement in your niche.

11. Shop Online:

Top 20 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment
Online Shopping Landing Page Template, Mobile Store Concept, Fast Delivery Service.

A large number of people choose to purchase on the internet. This is due to the fact that they do not have to go to the store to buy something. They may buy the things they desire simply by using their cell phone, and the product will be delivered to their home promptly. It might be a chance for you to start a company in the internet shop. You shouldn’t need to invest in things; instead, you may make money by selling other people’s products. As a result, you have the potential to generate income.

12. Real Estate Agent:

Every day, the cost of land rises, and many are unable to locate one that meets their demands. Real estate professionals can assist in the hunt for the greatest offers in this area. Being a real estate agent or broker has several advantages. Tariffs might be set up to identify a possible buyer or to hunt for real estate that is requested by a prospective buyer. To impress consumers and generate money, all you need are certain communication tools and a good command of the English language.

13. Cooking Classes:

You may simply start it around your own kitchen with all your favourite recipes, whether you are a housewife or a culinary crazy. Simply begin your cooking lesson, get your ingredients, market a little, and begin earning.

14. YouTube Channel:

YouTube is well-known to everyone. Many well-known people rose to prominence only as a result of YouTube. All you have to do is create a YouTube channel, upload your videos, and watch them become viral. The more regularly you upload the more visitors you receive and the more you make from internet adverts. YouTube is dominated by make-up tutorials, fashion tips and techniques, instructional material, tempting videos, humour vlogs, inspiring videos, and so on. However, in addition to skill, perseverance and wit are required for YouTube success. Then perhaps you can join the ranks of famous YouTubers as the next big thing.

15. Custom Gift Store:

There are countless businesses that provide bespoke presents made by various small artists for a variety of events. If you have a rental store set up, you might sell custom-made items that you or others have created. Handmade cards, embroidered goods, and pictorial presents are examples of custom gifts. As you grow, you may recruit workers and allow customers to customise their purchases.

16. Tiffin/Food Service:

People rarely have the time or patience to make their own meals in today’s fast-paced society. It’s wonderful to dine out and get take-out until you can’t eat junk food any longer. This is when tiffin services come in handy. Tiffin services are monthly subscriptions that provide you with fresh, handmade meals. This is an excellent company to start, especially if you live near a corporate area, college, or hostel. You can prepare simple dishes such as roti, sabzi, dal, rice, and salad. Start by delivering tiffins in your area and gradually expand your business via social media and word of mouth.

17. Organic Farming:

Top 20 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

The majority of city dwellers are changing their eating habits and opting for an organic diet. Pesticide-free, high in minerals and anti-oxidants, organic foods are highly favoured. You can start organic farming if you have extra agricultural land or adequate space around you. Many technical specialists provide free agricultural advice, or you may pay an expert to cultivate your property. Organic foods are exploding in popularity and will undoubtedly be in high demand in the near future. ‌‌

18. Photo Studio:

If you’re skilled at photography, there are a variety of industries in which you may put your abilities to use. Pre-wedding shoots, wedding shoots, maternity shoots, promotional shoots for marketing campaigns, and portraits are just a few examples. Choose a specialty, purchase a good camera, and get started. ‌‌

19. Tourist Guide:

If you live in a touristy area, you may take advantage of this chance to show visitors around. But first and foremost, a tour guide must be a tourist. He or she should have a strong desire to travel and discover new locations. You must take on the role of adventurer. Find tourist attractions, retail opportunities, dining possibilities, and touristic sites that people would like to explore and visit. If you enjoy travelling, this may be the job for you. You may use YouTube and other venues to write and vlog about your experiences.

20. Driving School:

To get started, you’ll need some automobiles and a decent team of drivers who can teach you how to drive. You may also just ask your friends, neighbours, and other acquaintances whether they wish to learn to drive. Some people even bring their own automobile and ask for driving lessons. As a result, a driving school is an excellent low-cost enterprise.


We hope that the following list of low-cost, high-profit company ideas in India will assist you in making an educated selection. As we learn more about the market, we will undoubtedly update this list of low-cost, high-return company ideas. With improved technology and machines, it’s now possible to establish a manufacturing firm on a shoestring budget.

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