How to Track Someone Phone for Free by Their Number

How to Track Someone Phone for Free by Their Number

How to Track Someone Phone for Free by Their Number

There is a tonne of software available, from paid applications and websites to geolocation services like Google’s for iOS and Android. Even while the majority of these services provide a wide range of features and differing degrees of accuracy and user-friendliness, they all share one thing in common: they are pricey. Even though these services are expensive, they are required if you want to monitor your children and workers. However, what if you lack the funds for these services or wish to trace someone secretly? Fortunately, there is an option that is far less expensive and doesn’t call for visiting a software store. Learn how to trace a phone for free using a number.

You may have seen it on TV or heard about it from someone, but your phone can be traced with your number, claims the co-founder of SCA Auction. You’re now considering if you can trace someone’s phone using your own. Everything you require to know about this topic is included in this article. Learn how to trace a phone for free using a number.

Is it possible to track someone using their phone number?

Let’s go right to the point: you can trace someone’s phone using their number, sure. However, it’s not as simple as it seems.

One of the few sensations in the world that you can’t quantify is finding out where your loved ones are and finding peace of mind once you know they’re safe. You can check your family members’ route history over a period of time, or view details of specific listed locations like essay writing service EssayHave®, coordinates, and other information by reading mSpy reviews from You can also see where each member of your family is on detailed maps, or even in a pro kabaddi league betting, or at an Essaydoc cheap essay writer.

Being tracked responsibly may go a long way and is frequently the only thing preventing you from having the awful experience of being taken hostage or abducted. Survival requires constant vigilance and being prepared for everything, especially in the times we live in.

You must contact the owner of that person’s phone and submit a tracking request in order to locate that person’s phone in real time using their number. You must have a good cause for wanting to monitor their phones. You may or may not have success with this strategy.

Do you wish to find out where they are really at? fills that gap. will send them a message with a unique URL when you enter their phone number. will provide you the person’s location as soon as they tap the link.

What’s best? There isn’t even a single app to download. not through your phone. On theirs, no. To get started, simply register for a account and pay for your message (or batch of messages). No matter if they are in Paris, France or at the Paris Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, works everywhere in the world. will magically provide you with their location.

Additionally, you may utilise a reverse phone lookup tool like “Avoidcaller,” which reveals the geographical location of the handset. However, you can’t follow someone in real-time and the location information you receive isn’t always accurate.

On both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, the location tracking app with the greatest ratings is iSharing. iSharing, which has millions of users worldwide, enables family members and close friends to communicate secretly about where they are.

How it works

The position of a cell phone is determined by iSharing using a combination of GPS, your phone signal, and a Wi-Fi connection. Users may access the location tracker from anywhere in the globe thanks to iSharing, which then shows the position using either Apple or Google Maps. On both iOS and Android, the software is accessible.

You must download the app, register, and add the person whose location you want to follow as a “friend” before you can begin tracking their phone.

Website of iSharing:

Advantages of iSharing:

iSharing has a number of advantages over the other apps on our list, particularly.

With an optional premium membership, the app is FREE. The free version is more than sufficient to track the locations of your own device and one extra person.

When compared to all of its rivals, iSharing offers location history for 90 days, which is the largest time frame.

When a member of your family or a friend departs from and arrives at a specified area, the “Place Alert” function promptly tells you. This enables couples to be informed when their partner is leaving for work and enables parents to be aware of when their children are attending after-school activities.

iSharing also provides a number of extra functions, such as Driving Report, which keeps track of hazardous driving situations. iSharing also provides immediate chatting between users, including phone, text, and photo messaging.

A spying app is not iSharing. However, with agreement, iSharing enables families and friends to strengthen their bonds while ensuring their safety through location sharing.

Tracking someone’s phone using a tracking solution:

Spyine is a specific phone tracking programme for iOS and Android. Top stations including TechNewsDaily, PC World, and the BBC have all highlighted it. You may use any web browser to open the app and follow phone numbers in real-time.

Is there a different choice? Using a tracking service like Spyine is the only trustworthy option to trace a phone number.

How it works ?

The programme uses the built-in GPS and WiFi signals to track target Android and iOS devices. Additionally, it uses the SIM card to trace phone numbers. Additionally, you may discover how to locate a cell phone without downloading any programme. All you have to do first is setup it.

For iOS: No software has to be downloaded or set up on the destination device. The iCloud backup on the target device is periodically extracted by Spyine for iOS. From your web browser, you may configure the app and start remote tracking.

On the target device, you must download and install a little programme (less than 2MB) for Android. The programme will be running in the background and using the internet to provide you the user’s location. You may receive regular location updates and other information from it.

Spyine Official Website:

The software has a number of benefits.

You may gain from using Spyine to track someone’s phone location in a number of ways:

1. Spyine has strong capabilities

Spyine will accurately locate someone’s whereabouts for you:

SIM Tracking: The device’s phone number is monitored by the SIM tracker. You can register to be notified when the user changes their phone number. Additionally, using data from the phone connection, the software will locate the phone number utilising the SIM card on a map.

Tracking on a map: The location tracker combines WiFi and GPS signals. The phone may be followed in real time. On an interactive map, you can see the phone’s most recent whereabouts. For additional information, click on a location pin.

Location information: The app will log the location information of the phone using the location log feature. Street addresses, neighbourhood details, arrival and leave dates, and geographic locations are just a few of the details you get.

Geofencing: You may create watched zones all around sites with the help of geofencing functionality. You’ll get an alert whenever the gadget enters or exits any zone. Zones may be set up anywhere, including workplaces and public spaces like schools.

Spyine has Google Maps integration, allowing you to open locations in Google Maps and utilise all of its capabilities. For instance, a 3D street view to get a close-up picture of places.

2. It may be used privately

Your personal information is not recorded by Spyine, and it is not shared with anybody, which poses a concern when using apps from unknown developers. This software adheres to a stringent code of privacy. You may use the app worry-free and safely.

3. It is a reputable brand.

To far, this software has been downloaded more than a million times in 190+ nations. It is a well-known solution that many people have tested and found to be both functional and bug-free. Users include companies keeping an eye on workers and parents who wish to follow their children.

4. No need to jailbreak or root your device

Some phone trackers are only compatible with jailbroken or rooted handsets. Changing the operating system of the target device doesn’t always work. Malware infections or data loss may result from it. Thankfully, Spyine is a sophisticated solution and doesn’t need either.

5. You can quickly install it.

Spyine can be set up in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee. You create an account on the website, then adhere to the setup guidelines. The procedure is easy. Without any technical knowledge, you may install the software on any PC or smartphone.

6. Its user interface is web-based.

The software has a web-based user interface that can easily be accessed from any internet-capable device. You will have the ability to look up anyone’s phone number at any time and from any location. The geofence function allows you to automate the tracking.

7. It is reasonably priced

For the usage of Spyine, you pay a fair monthly price. With the Premium membership, which costs roughly the same as a pizza, the software will follow a single mobile phone for one month. With the group membership choices, you may track numerous devices for less money.

It cannot perform wonders

Spyine is a potent phone number monitoring tool, but it needs frequent internet connections from the target device. It won’t update the location log till after that. Additionally, only after the programme setting procedure can you trace the phone number. These two restrictions are typical.

You may test out the SIM and location trackers via the free live demo on the official website before you buy the software.


It is easy and hassle-free to track someone’s whereabouts and see their device activity by using a mobile number tracker. Furthermore, it is efficient, safe, and confidential. Someone might be followed for days, weeks, or even months. Want to use your phone to monitor people? More details may be found in this article.

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