Dark Academia Aesthetic Fashion

Dark Academia Aesthetic Fashion

One of the most popular subjects right now is Dark Academia Aesthetic fashion. There are currently over 160,000 #darkacademia Instagram posts and over a million Tumblr postings. On Reddit, the subject is also gaining popularity. The ‘TikTok generation,’ with about 25 million views to date, is the most major source of interest.

This post is for you if you want to learn more about Dark Academia fashion and where you can find Dark Academia plus size apparel.

What is Dark Academia Aesthetic?

The Dark Academia aesthetic is a subculture that celebrates knowledge, classical studies, and literature. These are frequently seen in the halls of Ivy League or Oxbridge universities, with settings ranging from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day. The majority of the films are set in the 1920s-1950s and revolve on themes of murder, intrigue, or a quest for self-actualization.

It veers towards the darker side of these scholastic references, as the name indicates — picture rainy days in dark libraries and deserted museums. The style has its roots in the wealthy and upper classes of the pre-WWII era. Films frequently feature storylines about Eurocentric characters, particularly guys who are extremely affluent and who stroll the halls late at night and drink excessively. As a result, undesirable behaviours such as excessive coffee use and sleep deprivation may develop.

Today, various subcultures with more inclusive and current allusions and inspirations may be found, since the aesthetic embraces a quest for knowledge. However, the aesthetic mainstays, like as plaid pants, button-down shirts, and layers of neutrals, are present throughout. Today, BIPOC, the gay community, and everyone who appreciates the style embrace this aesthetic.

Dark Academia In The Future:

As dark academia grows in prominence, one has to ask how long it will continue to do so. I believe it has a bright future ahead of it because academics is so important to everyone. Everybody is familiar with the environment of a school, a close-knit circle of friends, and the pressures of academic rivalry. While the darker components of this sub-genre — murder, mystery, and so on — are definitely things we could all live without in real life, they provide the type of intrigue that makes the familiar school setting exciting. As a result, I wouldn’t be shocked if this sub-genre had a bright future.

Best Dark Academia Fashion Outfits:

Now let’s look at how you might apply the dark academia look into your own outfit.

1. Shein:

Dark Academia Aesthetic Fashion

Many people want to avoid Shein, and I understand why: quick fashion isn’t always the greatest option. When you’re on a budget, Shein has a lot of dark academic fashion pieces (especially basics) that are really affordable. I usually use the search tool to look for dark academia. There are now approximately 480 alternatives available. For a link to the search, go here.

Now, I wouldn’t go wild on Shein and purchase everything. I’m very selective about what I buy because the quality might be hit or miss. I also make sure to place a large enough purchase to qualify for free shipping and returns, as I nearly always have to return items. For a post, go here. My experience with Shein was recently documented in a blog post.

2. Shirt:

Dark Academia Aesthetic Fashion

Going for a school uniform appearance is the first approach to incorporate it. You want to include parts of a school uniform without making it appear as though you’re wearing one. You may make school uniforms stylish by incorporating aspects from them.

A basic white button-down shirt is a simple method to do this. I prefer the clean white, but darker hues are still an option. A standard collar isn’t required on your shirt. I believe the rounded Peter Pan collars are really charming and go well with the dark academic look.

3. Pleated skirt:

Dark Academia Aesthetic Fashion

A pleated skirt is the next addition to the school uniform look. This small tennis skirt design is a lot of fun to accomplish. It’s a cocoa brown tint that I’ve chosen.

4. Sweater vests:

Knitted vests or sweater vests are a fun style that is now gaining popularity. The one I’m wearing above has an old-fashioned grey school uniform feel to it, but it also has a lovely ruffle on the sleeves that makes it trendy.

5. Tie:

A knot around the neck is another lovely addition to your dark academic ensembles. This might be a menswear or school uniform tie, but a fabric tie or a ribbon tied in a little bow around the neck also works well. A tie lends a touch of intellectual flair to the ensemble.

6. Blazer:

Dark Academia Aesthetic Fashion

Next, let’s bring in that eerie professorial feel. I believe it begins with the use of classic materials and patterns such as tweed, heritage chic, and plaid, particularly in brown and fawn tones.

When I think of a professor, I see them dressed in brown. The blazer I’m wearing today was originally my father’s enormous blazer, which I tailored to fit myself. The checkered fabric gives off a strong dark academic atmosphere, and it also includes elbow patches!

More elbow patches are needed in the fashion world. They quickly adopt an old-fashioned university professorial demeanour!

7. Knit sweater:

Dark Academia Aesthetic Fashion

I’m wearing my favourite knit sweater in those gorgeous rust hues, which goes well with the dark academic vibe, and it even has elbow patches!

8. Cardigan:

Cardigans, I believe, are another great item to play with. I have a little beige cardigan that I prefer to throw over my shoulders instead of wearing it correctly. Maybe I’ll just carry some books and pretend to be going to class. It’s such a nice appearance, in my opinion.

9. Plaid:

Now I’d want to talk about plaid, which, in that dark academic colour scheme, looks just stunning. I’m sporting a lovely red checkered coat in this photo. Doesn’t this coat scream Gryffindor to you?

That concludes my interpretation of the dark academia aesthetic. I hope you appreciated my dark academic lookbook and now have a better understanding of what this type of dressing entails. I truly like dark academic fashion, and I think you will as well!

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